Meet our Student Team Members


Tiana Illiano


Tiana knew she wanted to work for The Ware and Winter Centers from her very first visit to Millersville University.


“Music has always been a huge part of my life and I wanted to be a part of the music at Millersville. Working at The Ware and Winter Centers, I can enjoy all the music I want and also get to share that passion with the Lancaster community.”


Tiana is a sophomore majoring in psychology and minoring in criminology. She loves seeing the Lancaster community come alive, and loves working in an environment focused on community collaboration. At the centers, where she works in event support, she is able to interact with the community regularly.


Tiana shares that one of her favorite experiences thus far was running a table at a local school to raise awareness about The Ware and Winter Centers for local children and their families. She loved connecting with the kids and watching their faces light up as she showed them the fun, family events available to them.


“The kids of Lancaster really show an interest in the arts and I think that's an amazing thing,” Tiana says. “I love seeing families enjoying our shows! There's artwork, theater, dance, concerts, lectures, master classes… the list is endless.”


Tiana believes that customer service is the most beneficial skill she has learned from working at the centers, because “we work with so many people from the community; and our main goal is to make sure they're happy and enjoying the programs.”


After graduating from Millersville, Tiana plans to obtain her master’s in psychology, and then see more of the world.


Tim Krepps


Tim is a senior Accounting student at Millersville University, with an eye for detail and a dedication to accuracy. Working at The Ware Center has given him the opportunity to hone the skills he’s been practicing for so long in school.


“It has given me valuable Accounting experience,” he says. “It has also given me a chance to see ‘real life’ data and scenarios that the textbooks cannot exactly teach me.”


The most valuable skill Tim has learned is being able to trace a particular piece of data back to its original source. He calls it “investigative work”: figuring out the why and wherefore of a transaction.


Although Tim is not especially interested in the Arts (debits and credits, or taxes, are of more interest to him), he vouches for the beauty of the centers and the diversity of events. He also really enjoys his work environment: “Some of the most memorable experiences I have had are working with Stacy [Assistant Director] and Deb [Administrative Assistant], and with my fellow interns,” he says. “It has a comfortable home feeling.”


After graduating, Tim plans to continue his education by obtaining his CPA License and an M.A. in Accounting.


Megan Wilson

Megan Wilson joined the student team at the Ware Center in the beginning of the Fall 2015 Semester, and she has been loving the experience! She has found the Ware Center to be the perfect environment to both expound her skills and to network, while learning more about the field she is pursuing. In under three months, Megan has been able to make connections that have the potential to benefit her in her future career.


“You are exposed to new people and performances regularly,” she says. “There never seems to be a dull day.”


Besides networking and interacting with new people on a frequent basis, Megan says that the most valuable skills she has learned are time management and staying well organized. “As an Event Coordinator and Producer time management is crucial,” she explains. “You need to make sure you have all the proper times and information ready in case anything needs changed.”


Megan’s most memorable event thus far was working a wedding that took place in the Ware Center’s Atrium & Owen Salon. “It was pouring that day and a lot of guests got wet,” she remembers. “But everyone ended up having a great time.”


Another favorite event was the Fig Magazine City Social Dinner. The dinner was organized on the beautiful Steinman Hall stage with amber lighting, a three course meal, and music performed by students of Millersville University. Having the opportunity to help set up the tone for this event was “a wonderful experience” for Megan.


“The Ware Center has the downtown Lancaster City culture all around you,” says Megan. “Both centers have so much to offer and tickets for events are so cheap or free … You need to visit as soon as possible!”


After graduating from Millersville University, Megan plans to stay in the area so she can save up before she begins the next steps towards her future career.


Loren Waltz

Loren Waltz is a multi-talented student employee who has worked with the Ware and Winter Centers for most of her college career.


She is not, however, a student pursuing the arts; rather, she hopes to earn her Masters in Social Work, and eventually work in the mental health field. But Loren considers her experience at The Ware and Winter Centers to be a very useful one.


“Working here has helped me in more ways than I imagined it would as a social work major, which does not actually have a lot to do with the arts,” she says. “My professional office and computer skills have improved, I get the chance to interact with people and problem solve every day, and have had the opportunity to meet many influential people from the community.”


She explains that the centers offer a little bit of something for everyone. Her experience alone includes marketing, public relations, writing, design, and event planning.


“I think it’s common for non-art students to think that there is nothing we offer for them, but they would be surprised!” she says.


Loren’s favorite events are the festival events hosted by the Ware Center, such as the UTSAV Indian Festival or the Celtic Festival, because they are a fun, interesting way to experience other cultures and the turnout for them has always been excellent.


This season, she is most excited for the AXIS Dance Company performance on November 22, 2015. The performance will incorporate performers with and without disabilities, touching on issues like life changes and the divide in human interaction.


Miguelina Arias

“I was amazed when I first walked in,” Miguelina Arias recalls her first experience at the Ware Center. “No one truly knows the potential until they step inside this place. It really is a place beyond expectations and imagination.”


Miguelina has worked in event support with the Arts at MU and also helped with M-Uth Theatre, a nationally-acclaimed ensemble of at-risk teens and young adults who create and perform dramatic works that explore social justice issues pertinent to youth in our community. This is Miguelina's favorite event, because of the positive interaction she observed between the students involved. As Arias shares, M-Uth “benefits the community and enables students to make an impact on the lives of others.”


Miguelina has especially appreciated seeing first-hand how integral art and music are for youth. Community, education, and youth are all very important to her. She plans to earn her Masters in a field that allows her to pursue these interests, and eventually to settle in her hometown of Reading “to make a difference working with youth.”

“There is something here [at the Arts at MU] for everyone,” she continues. “I have been able to become aware of the diversity in culture and music that brings people together.”