January 6, 2017: THE GOSPEL OF LANCASTER (singing/dancing/spoken word). 90 minutes long with 10 minute intermission.  Vendors in lobby.  


THE GOSPEL of LANCASTER Is a celebration of the history of Gospel in Lancaster, PA, a sharing of the joy of praise and worship through music, song, and dance. Lancaster today has a rich and developed culture of spiritual expression.  We wish to share with our community this tradition that is an important part of what makes Lancaster such a unique place in our world.  In Gospel we turn our worries into worship, our problems into praise through song.  This starts from the Negro spirituals and has evolved to what you will see here at the Ware Center.  7:30 curtain



February 3, 2017: WE THE PEOPLE 14: THE POWER of the SPIRITUAL on the 150th ANNIVERSARY of the 14th AMENDMENT.  (a multidiscipline performance). 


Join Theatre for Transformation for a sneak peek of its new show: WE THE PEOPLE 14: THE POWER OF THE SPIRITUAL on the 150th anniversary of the 14th Amendment. Fusing spoken word with gospel, jazz, and classical music, this performance celebrates the rights of citizenship and equal protection under the law. WE THE PEOPLE 14 features violinist Michael Jamanis, saxophonist Francis Wong, percussionist Gerri McCritty, and poet-playwright Dr. Amanda Kemp with special guests from the McCaskey Gospel Choir. Running time: 25 minutes. Two shows at @6pm and 7pm.   

March 3, 2017: Harrisburg Gay Men’s Choir 


April 7, 2017: Jose Garcia Student Cabaret


May 5, 2017: Paloma Players (celebrating Cinco De Mayo)


June 2, 2017:  Youth Poetry Slam


More than just a poetry slam, this gathering of youth is about sharing, listening, and connecting with other young people from different parts of town. It’s about using our words to build the world we envision, starting with ourselves, our schools, and our slams. The goal of this event is not solely to promote a culture of literacy, critical thought, self-confidence, and powerful public speaking. It is also to bring together teenage poets from throughout Lancaster County to connect across lines of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and politics and to listen to, learn from, and bond with one another. Spoken word poetry is the bridge these students use to promote understanding and non-violent conflict resolution. They are making changes in themselves and in their communities.  The slam will consist of four competing teams from Lancaster County middle and high schools, although, famously said at Brave New Voices, “it’s not about the points, the point is the poetry”.  7:30 curtain